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170th Anniversary of Foundation of the Institute of the Sisters of Providence - O Providence Most Gentle

March 25, 2013 marks the 170th anniversary of foundation of the Institute of the Sisters of Providence inMontreal. Here is some information about the origin of the song "O Providence Most Gentle", which has been sung by the Sisters of Providence since the very beginning.


The hymn "O Providence Most Gentle", on the melody of Partant pour la Syrie (Leaving for Syria) with the seven verses we know, was published in a hymn book available in Quebec City in 1819, under the name of Father Jean-Denis Daulé.


We know that Emilie Tavernier personally knew Father Daulé. While she was  keeping house for her cousin Julie Perrault-Leblond in Quebec City, she wrote these words to cousin Agathe Perrault Nowlan, in Montreal, on May 20, 1820:  "... please tell Marguerite [Perrault] that Mr. Daulé had tea with us a few days ago and that he inquired about her…”


We do not know who authored the lyrics and the music, but what is certain is that in the days of Mother Gamelin the melody was the same as today. (see PDF in attachment)


This "song of Mother Gamelin" remained as a family anthem for the Sisters of Providence, who want faith inProvidenceto be kept alive, present and always active. The melody was already in use when our sisters left forChilein 1853.


To know more about the origins of the Institute of the Sisters of Providence, go to:


Sister Yvette Demers, SP

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